Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The one where I apologize, bare my soul, and show you a mural.

JANUARY 29!!!! REALLY.... that is the last post I created??!! Where did this year go? I feel like a huge failure, because I had planned on posting AT LEAST once a month this year. Here is a little story/excuse as to my absence.
I allowed my life to pull me down this past spring. I let the feelings of being overwhelmed, underappreciated, and not good enough take over and keep me from doing all the things I love. I really just wasn't myself.  I stopped sewing, stopped painting, stopped being me.  WELL-- DONE WITH THAT! I took control back this summer and have started working my way into a better me. I have started cooking again, sewing more, but I still have not done a lot of painting. I have signed up for a class with Este Macleod and am really looking forward to trying to get my mojo back.

I was not a total slacker this summer, I painted a mural in my middle son's school library.  The librarian is a great friend of mine and we collaborated on the characters in the mural. She wanted objects/characters from the top checked out books in her library.  My mom helped me with the painting. We had a lot of fun with it. I think it turned out great! Here are some photos of the space before and after.

I PROMISE to post about my class in a few weeks : )!

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  1. The mural is awesome, Kim! Just like you! Wish I had just a small portion of your creativity!